The main focus of the INCREASE project is developing a training programme, for residential youth care workers, to improve the interdisciplinary and cross sectoral thinking on the ground. This training programme will be based on modules and inline with the requirements of the ECVET system to allow full recognition of the training.

The two-year's project work includes the following results and outputs: 

Intellectual Output 1 - INCREASE Exploration Study
The aim of this output was to establish the needs and possibilities of the target group throughout the partner countries. The partnership conducted research with key questions relating to content, setup and duration of the training programme. Through this research the partners gained a deeper insight into possible learning outcomes using the ECVET approach. The research results are published in a research report, forming an important basis for the development of the INCREASE curriculum.

Intellectual Output 2 - INCREASE Curriculum and Material
Based on the feedback on the training needs of residential youth care workers, the partners will develop a training curriculum that focuses on the topics of interdisciplinary expertise and cooperation with other services. The partners will also create training material and consider possibilities for practical trainings and ECVET accreditation. The training programme will undergo comprehensive testing with the target group in all partner countries (except DE).

Intellectual Output 3 - INCREASE Green Paper
Throughout the project the partners will co-produce a Green Paper. This document will consist of recommendations to political decision makers and focus on improving the situation of crisis intervention for young people in the partner countries and throughout the European Union. During a final conference the green paper will be finalised and presented to the public.

Follow this link to download the project results.Projekt-Logo INCREASE