Kick-off Meeting in Florence, IT

On 8 and 9 October 2015, the project partners met for their first project meeting in Florence, Italy. The meeting, which was organised by the Italian project partners of FormAzione Co&So Network, focused on getting to know each other and the project's subject matter.

Following a detailed overview of the two-year project period by the Austrian project coordinator and the discussion and clarification of open questions, the participants concentrated on the first Intellectual Output. Their intensive work on the INCREASE Exploration Study included, amongst others, defining common terms to be used in this project, introducing the country-specific situations and agreeing a schedule for the common work on the first intellectual output. All participants contributed their experiences and their extensive knowledge.

Representatives from all partner organisations (except for our partners from the University Hospital in Ulm) took part in the meeting; the next meeting was scheduled for the beginning of April 2016.


2nd Partner Meeting in Ulm, DE

The 2nd partner meeting took place on 5 and 6 April 2016 in Ulm, Germany. The meeting was organised by the German project partners of Universitätsklinikum Ulm.

The first morning focused on finalising IO1: INCREASE Research Study. The partners provided feedback on their work and discussed country-specific situations and consequences from the findings for curriculum development (IO2).
The first afternoon and the morning of the second meeting day were fully dedicated to a detailed discussion and planning of IO2: INCREASE Curriculum. Among others, the project partners agreed on a common basis for the development, on the schedule, the ECVET/EQF basis, the distribution of modules and tasks, the peer-review process, etc.
On the second afternoon, the partners discussed the development of the INCREASE Green Paper (IO3) and other relevant points, such as dissemination, quality managment and administrative issues.

Representatives from all partner organisations took part in the meeting; the next meeting, which will take place in London (UK), was scheduled for mid-January of 2017.


3rd Partner Meeting in London, UK

London (UK) was the host city for the 3rd project partner meeting, which took place on 17 and 18 January 2017. The meeting was organised by the British project partners of Volunteering Matters.

A great deal of the meeting focussed on IO2: INCREASE Curriculum. Amongst others, the partners introduced the individual modules and units, coordinated the sequence of face-to-face and distance learning units, agreed on the on-going and final evaluation process of the pilot and decided on all the details with regard to the actual implementation of the training programme.
In addition, partners worked on IO3: INCREASE Green Paper. They agreed on a modus operandi and set on a timeframe for finishing this output, a youth policy recommendation paper. Finally, partners also covered quality management and dissemination issues and discussed the final conference, which will take place in September 2017 in Graz, Austria.

All partner organisations were represented at the meeting in London. The next, and final, meeting will take place in Graz (AT) in September 2017.


Final Partner Meeting in Graz, AT

The final partner meeting was hosted by the project coordinator and took place on 26 September 2017 in Graz, AT.

The main focus at this meeting was on finalising the project, and so the partners dedicated much time to final agreements concerning the INCREASE Training Curriculum (IO2) and the INCREASE Policy Recommendations (IO3). Furthermore, timeframes and processes for the closing phase of the project were discusssed and agreed on. This covered topics such as finances, quality, sustainability, etc.
Finally, partners also looked closely into the agenda of the Final Conference, which was scheduled for the next day.

All partner organisations were present in Graz.